About Us

Servicol Systems and solutions  this company was founded in the year 2009 with the nit 93402650-1 which aims to provide quality service in the computer solution of everyday business problems,we specialize in fast, effective, efficient and economic solutions; solutions in the computers market other companies does not know channel and resolve promptly, giving no warranty on the work, becoming an economic burden for businesses.

unlike the others companys  Servicol Systems And Solutions  offers 3 month warranty on the work, technical support and diagnostics on line  and over the place.

Servicol Systems and Solutions specializes in Repairing Laptops, desktop computers,servers instalations under the systems  linux,oracle.windows ,solaris remote conections, security systems file recovery, connecting homes and businesses by  the Internet in real time, data encryption, security consulting and systems geographic networks, web design, video editing,installation of sensors, alarms,GPS satellite tracking,consulting,geographic networks and security systems, web design